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Case Studies


Most IT companies have one or two servers with a bunch of services running on them. Over time these systems get old and need to be replaced. The question is “How much will this cost and how complex will it be to upgrade to the latest version of software?”.

LiveOffice provides the optimal solution to solve this problem. LiveOffice combines all the features companies would expect from their onsite IT infrastructure, without the hassle and capital investment required to implement and support them.

LiveOffice is always available from any location worldwide, providing the latest technology at a cost effective price. LiveOffice can be setup to provide any of the following services:

  • Hosted Exchange (including shared calendars, centralised & consistent email signatures, email, anti-virus and anti-spam)
  • Hosted Mobile mail (synchronisation for mobile devices )
  • Hosted Windows AD Domain (allows access from any location)
  • Hosted File Servers
  • Local copy of data onsite for fast access even if the internet is down
  • Hosted Web Servers
  • Virtual desktops (for truly remote users)
  • SSL VPN connectivity (connect back to the office securely from any location)
  • Hosted VoIP

Customers evaluated LiveOffice and compared the costs against purchasing new equipment. The findings were that the costs over three years were the same but the savings were that they no longer need to pay an IT company to support their onsite infrastructure. Those costs were considered a direct saving.

Saving money has always been one of the drivers for considering outsourcing. It usually falls behind more strategic motivations though, such as focusing on core competencies or freeing internal staff for other initiatives. However, in these tighter economic times, more companies are turning to outsourcing as a means to reduce and control IT costs. IT Live offers a cost effective outsourcing model offering the services levels and support your company requires. We have a very flexible Service Level Agreement (SLA) that can be tailored to meet your budget and outcomes.

One customer had an outsourcing agreement with a leading IT company in Auckland. This IT Company in question had contracted to provide support for all the customer systems. The customer was added into a standard SLA on a standard service desk with no personal attention. The customer’s biggest complaint was that calls were not being responded to timeously and that no one from the IT company had good knowledge of their systems and their needs.

IT Live was able to take over the outsource contract from the IT company and provide a superior service with a 20% reduction in costs. We have dedicated engineers with the customer that are now regarded as part of their business and not just another provider.

Having systems up and running 24/7 365 is a balance of the right infrastructure combined with the appropriate architecture. A customer approached IT Live to design and implement a system that “can never go down”. IT Live had several design sessions with the customer to understand all the requirements and what levels of redundancy where required, as well as the budget that was available.

After a formal review session with the customer a fully redundant system was implemented and the current systems were migrated on to the new environment. Testing was carried out to ensure the system met the design criteria. The system has been running without unscheduled outages from the date when it was commissioned.

New Solutions

Mobile Device Management – as mobile devices become more prevalent, it has become necessary to manage and control these devices to ensure that company data is protected. IT Live has a MDM solution that allows full control of mobile devices, but allows the user the freedom to use their own device (BYOD), without feeling that the device has been locked down by the enterprise.

Be truly mobile – the ever changing business landscape need users to be truly mobile and to be able to work securely from anywhere. IT Live has combined the best products together in a cost effective solution to allow users to be mobile, utilising only one device. The solution also extends to tablet devices allowing you to take your desktop with you, even if the internet is unavailable.

Secure communications across the web – IT Live has put together a solution that allows companies, with branches across New Zealand, to be able to connect securely to each other, without the need for an expensive Wide Area Network (WAN). The solution makes use of ADSL and VDSL internet connections to securely connect all the branches together.