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You will find we have the hosting solution to best fit your needs. Whether you’re a small organisation that requires hosted cloud base computing or a larger company wanting someone to manage your applications, data and phone services. IT Live have a solution to meet those needs.

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Live Office

Create a “virtual office” without compromising functionality and speed at a low, fixed, monthly cost.

LiveOffice is a hosted, subscription-based “virtual office”, designed for small to medium companies in New Zealand. LiveOffice combines all the features companies would expect from their onsite IT infrastructure, without the hassle and capital investment required to implement and support them. LiveOffice is always available from any location worldwide, providing the latest technology at a cost effective price.


Virtual Servers

Host any server on our robust virtual server infrastructure. These servers can be managed and monitored if required.

Virtual Servers allow you to host any server on a fully redundant server infrastructure. We offer simple cost effective plans to host managed or unmanaged Windows and Linux Servers. The servers are all hosted in New Zealand so there are no issues around data sovereignty.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Create your company’s own private cloud to enable all the benefits of cloud-based computing, without any of the security and sovereignty issues.

Private Cloud is your own infrastructure, hosted in a secure state of the art Data Centre, with all the benefits of publicly available cloud offerings and none of the drawbacks. Private Cloud delivers the infrastructure and systems your business requires and makes them available to you and your customers across a first class network.

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Virtual PABX

Upgrade to a new phone system with lower call costs and additional features without the large capital outlay.

Virtual PABX enables your company to move onto a fully digital telephony system, without the complexity and cost normally associated with VoIP systems. The Virtual PABX can be customised to fit your requirements with multi-site configurations available. All the standard features such as presence and soft phones are available.