Joan offers the simplest solution for managing meeting rooms, optimising
conference room use, and displaying relevant information where you need it the most. It’s meeting space management for the modern workplace.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re in the middle of a meeting and your colleague barges in interrupting the flow of your discussion?
  • A meeting room is double booked and it’s not clear who booked it first?
  • You have booked a room, but it’s already occupied when you are due to start your meeting?
  • You’re having an ad hoc meeting, but you’re not sure if any rooms are available?
  • A meeting room is booked but no one is attending?

Take control with Joan

Joan helps you take control of your office and lift your meeting culture to the next level. Finding and booking a meeting room is easy – from your phone, calendar or standing directly outside the meeting room door.

  • Easily view existing bookings, check future availability or book on the spot with real time updates
  • Detect and eliminate unattended meetings to free up space for others to use
  • Convenient long-life rechargeable battery and wireless connectivity
  • Can be customised with your own company logo and branding

Many ways to book a meeting

On the Spot

Are you in front of an empty meeting room?

If you’ve got Joan 6 you can book the room on the spot using the touchscreen.

Via Calendar

Book a meeting room right from your calendar. Joan supports standard company calendars and updates its information in real time.

Mobile App

On the go? Download the Joan app and book a meeting room from your phone or tablet.

MS Teams

Joan Intergrats with MS Teams

Joan on display

Suitable for displays such as smart TVs
and digital signage systems on which certain
non-touch functionalities can be displayed.
Ideal for managing open plan workspaces.

Main functionality

  • Status board
  • Displays current and upcoming meeting information
  • Meeting organiser
  • Number of attendees
  • Available meeting rooms
  • Conference room location
  • Seating capacity

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