Your IT Services Partner

If you are looking for a single-source supplier for all your IT services, IT Live can deliver just that.

Dedicated Service Delivery Managers – are assigned to all our contracted customers to ensure the service we deliver meets your expectations and not just what we are contracted to deliver. These people are there to assist your CIO or if required, act in the CIO’s capacity.

Cost Effective Service Levels – IT Live believes you should only pay for the services your business requires and not what the IT community expects you to pay. We tailor your SLA to meet your requirements and budget.

Innovative ideas – Staff at IT Live are always coming up with new ideas to add value with innovative solutions. These solutions are shared with our customers in our regular meetings.

Be truly mobile – The ever changing business landscape needs users to be truly mobile and to be able to work securely from anywhere. IT Live has combined the best products together in a cost effective solution to allow users to be mobile, utilising only one device. The solution also extends to tablet devices allowing you to take your desktop with you, even if the internet is not available.

Secure communications across the Internet – IT Live has put together a solution that allows companies with branches across New Zealand to be able to connect securely to each other, without the need for an expensive Wide Area Network (WAN). The solution makes use of ADSL and VDSL internet connections to securely connect all your branches together.

Firewall Management – is a service that manages and monitors your firewalls to ensure your business is protected from external and internal threats. The service can be extended to the configuration and patching of your firewalls.

Offsite Data Replication – allows your critical files to be replicated in an offsite location for fast retrieval. The system uses a dedicated internet connection to move all critical data to a secure Data Centre and ensures that the data is available to you when required. The system allows for single file retrieval as well as complete server replication. A replicated server can also be started in a DR capacity if required.

Virtual Private Networks – is a secure way to move data across the internet without needing to implement expensive WAN’s. VPN’s can be setup with standard ADSL, VDSL and UFB connections between any sites. The VPN’s can also be extended to individuals allowing secure connections from any internet connected device.

Mobile Device Management – As mobile devices become more prevalent it has become necessary to manage and control these devices to ensure that company data is protected. IT Live has an MDM solution that allows full control of mobile device, but allows the user the freedom to use their own device (BYOD), without feeling that the device has been locked down by the enterprise.