Why IT Live

Our personalised approach to our customers sets us apart from other IT service providers.

We strive to be your trusted advisor and always do what’s best for your company.

We believe that our customers should have direct access to the people that support them. That means engineers, managers and the company owners. We want to make your IT experience personal and what you would expect from your own internal staff.

In today’s fast moving world where IT changes every few months we free our customers of the burden of running IT operations. We manage the process for them, from day to day IT operations to procurement and IT architecture.

What makes IT Live unique

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  • Dedicated engineers – We ensure that the people who work on your systems are known to you and know your systems well.
  • Regular reviews – We make sure we are tracking against your business outcomes by reviewing what we are doing against your business requirements. We can then make changes to align with your business drivers.
  • Keep you informed – We make sure that you know what is happening in the technology space and what systems are going to be available in the future that could give your company a competitive advantage
  • Partnerships – we have partnered with the major IT brands to ensure we can bring the best technologies to our customers, we have also partnered with some of the most innovative New Zealand based companies to ensure we can deliver the best products with local support